A Ladybug from Poland


Yesterday I was unpacking the goods. I opened the box and I saw an unexpected visit. A Ladybug from Poland. I haven’t heart to send her back for so long trip, also I wrote an e-mail to our kind supplier, I am sure she will like to live in our country and released her at the backyard. Have a happy life in the Czech Republic, lil ladybug from Poland 🙂


Great Dinner

This was start of our vacation – vegan dinner in a Lebanese restaurant. Awesome food! And the strong cold tea – :9


All the awesome food! Hommos, falafel, vine leaves with rice..

Me staring into the menu :)

Me staring into the menu 🙂




Agnes parodies the Artax


During our vacation i went to visit my grandma for 2 days and my wifey and Agnes went to a local pond for a little walk.

It doesn’t matter that Agnes normally looks as a Falco. She wanted to be a famous horse. My wife told me she went to the end of the small catwalk and in next second she was in the mud. And immediatelly started to immerse not able to help herself. My wifey had to go on her four to help her back again to the catwalk.
She sent me msg they had a lil problem. Then picure of Agnes with a description: “Do you remember Artax dying in Swamps? That’s what happened.” 😀


Czech Bike Sharing

bike-sharing.jpgI really really love the czech bikesharing project and I enjoy riding the pink oldschool bikes a lot! 🙂

To czech readers: for more information visit rekola.cz


Sometimes It’s good to be a client of someone


Today I am missing my umbrella more than ever before..


A swimsuit satisfaction

It has been 5 years since i bought my last swimsuit. You may wonder why it took me so long! Things happen.. There was either no time for swimming, (sounds odd, but it was how it was), no money for a swimsuit (unemployed) or it wasn’t in my mind in a right time (summer collection is in stores in spring, when outside is like 5°C). But this year i was paying attention and today came a satisfaction. I bought these awesome bikini for a funny price 4,50 € ( about $ 6,2) from C & A store.
Also ladies, if you use red or some kind of ginger hair color like me now. Go for it! You’ll be gorgeous.
P.S.: In real they look way better than on this picture.