Corners Should be Circular

Corners. They’re scary, deadly and dangerous. For many reasons.

When we’re sad, we cry in the corner. Yes, it’s not a comfortable place to cry in, but we go there. It makes us to see everything from that place. An incoming danger or – god forbid – a someone, who would like to calm us down.

We hide in the corner, when we are threatened. It’s the last place in the room, where you can go to. But not a safe one. Once you’re there, you barely leave that space without an easy fight and few scratches. That’s connected with the expression ‘to be driven into a corner’. Your enemy knows, he’s a bigger monster and you are just scared dwarf in the corner. His big arms will hardly let you leave the corner, just because you want to. Corners are traps.

Little child boy wall corner punishment standing

Even when we want to punish our own (or perhaps a foreign) children, we send them to shame. And where is usually the place? Yes! It’s a corner! I know, what exactly you think – ‘damn corners!’, right? ‘Why do we either need them?!’ And you feel like, you wanna protest in front of town hall with transparents about bad corners. That’s alright. Do it. But just in your mind.

There’s and old joke: “Do you know, why policemen live in a roundhouse?”

“Because they don’t have to worry about someone, who would like to assail them around the corner.”

Circular corners are a great idea. We should build them right now. For many reasons.


DIY – Cheap Christmas Garland


Of course we visited IKEA before X-mas to get some gifts and.. ooops.. buy a new sofa :] There were many pretty decorations as always. I have seen these hard paper coasters, which costed $1 and bought them, because I thought, I could invent some decoration with them. And yes, it happened. I created a garland.20141214_193101(0)

It takes only twenty minutes to create it.
What you need: Coasters, 1,5 m long ribbon, punch pliers set (optional)


1. First align the coasters on the table to see how do you want them to hang on the ribbon. Because this set exactly contains 10 coasters and 6 of them are striped.

2. If you want to use punch pliers and go with the ribbon through the coaster, make holes just in the middle of the upper part. I used three different shapes and colors to make it look more interesting. Later I realized, it doesn’t matter, because when the ribbon covers it, you almost don’t see it ^^


3. Cut a ribbon and if you want to go through the eyelets, just simply put a part of ribbon together and twist.20141214_19043520141214_190511

4. Go with the twisted end through the eyelet and then cover the top with the loop you just created.20141214_190554 20141214_190846

5. Aaaand tighten 🙂


Tip: If you use a ribbon with a rough edge as I used, you can just make one loop around the upper part and you don’t even need to use any kind of eyelets or holders.20141214_193043

Merry X-Mas~

When You..

..are laughing to something in your head and you can’t stop.


I love these moments when my brain dares and my fantasy goes ‘wild’.
Usually it hapens in a weird situation, like when I transport my ass with public and I accidentally blank stare at someone’s shoes and then I start to laugh.
It happens at work, when I should say something really clever or fascinating. Instead of that I remember a story what my boss told me in the morning. And I edit it in my head. I am picturing a husband of my boss in red high heels, going outside in the morning because their dog crunched all his shoes and he had no other choice 😀
Or It happens because I want to. It helps me a lot during a stress. Don’t get frustrated. Always when you are pissed off, imagine a crazy situation. It’s a therapy. Like a Riddikulus spell from Harry Potter.