A Wonderful Saga of Darren Shan

darren_shan_trilogyFew weeks ago i went to a local bookstore to buy a certain book. But as a complete bookworm, I cannot resist to take a little tour through the bookstore. I discovered a table covered with plenty of books for $5. Almost all of them were in english language and because I have never read a book in english, it looked like a little challenge for me. Of course most of them were cheap erotic novels. These books don’t even interest me (my fantasy works still good).

So somewhere between those and historical novels, this one catched my eye. Maybe just for fun I decided to read a book about vampires for a first time, because for some indefinite reason, I am bit sceptic about them. The description says it’s a book for teens and first time it has been published 14 years ago, but I can tell I missed a lot 14 years ago! You definitely have to trust me it’s NO TWILIGHT SAGA, where you know how it will end after few first minutes – my opinion about the Twilight Saga movies.

These three books in one are absolutely fantastic. Darren Shan has very lovely style of writing and as you continue reading, you get excited more and more about the story. It’s story full of adventure, trust, friendship, thrill and you are completely there with the main character. You wish you wanna be his best friend and live the adventure with him. The plot is very exciting, author may bring you few new points of view at certain things. Which can be very important for teens and for adults as well.
I can’t wait to buy the following books of this saga and to be back with my hero.
So get a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and let Darren Shan bring you a fantastic story you will love.