5 min recipe: Easy Cous Cous salad

Oh yea, here we go. Summer and eating outside, plus laziness to cook something at 10 pm, when you come back home 🙂wpid-img_20150804_123236.jpg

I suppose you know this as well. And you don’t want to starve at work. Am I right? Continue reading


Recipe: Soy ‘chinese’ cubes with vegetable

soy_china.jpgFirst of all I use to cook this food, because it’s delicious. And the second reason is because it’s easy to cook a huge pan. Like here are about 6 portions.

Ingredients (6 portions):
1 pack of soy cubes (300 g)
1 or 2 medium pepper (I use orange or red), but yellow or green can work as well
2 medium zucchini
1/2 of bigger leek
2 medium onions
4 spoons of soy sauce
2 cloves or garlic or 2 tea spoons of dried garlic
2 vegetable stock cubes (I use WĂŒrzl)
Spices: 1 tsp of dried passion fruit powder, 1 tsp of dried giner (or fresh ofc), 1/2 tsp of ground cayenne pepper, bit of dried parsley.
Optional: You can add what you like. Sometimes i add tiny slices of carrot or mushrooms. I am sure slices of turnip would be great too. Bamboo shoots. Whatever you like 😉

Boil a water in a pot. Add the 2 vegetable cubes and stir them until they’re dissolved. Then add the soy cubes and boil them in the water for 10 mins. Meanwhile chop all the vegetable. Start with onion and fry it a bit. Then add the rest of the vegetable. Keep the pan really hot. The soy cubes you need to take from the pot and squeeze them to get the water out a bit. BUT DON’T POUR THE FLAVORED WATER TO THE SINK OR TOILET! Keep the flavored water for later! After 10 mins the vegetable is in the pan, add the soy meat cubes there and fry it at really high temperature. The soy cubes will have better structure. Then add all the spices. Don’t use the salt. Fry it and stir it and watch it for 5 mins 🙂 Then add about 1 bigger cup of the flavored water (it’s really good vegetable taste) and stir it on the pan. There is already some vegetable juice from the zucchini and peppers and all, but this will make the taste awesome. Then leave it on the stove at some normal temperature for another 5 mins. Because bit of the water will evaporate, now we have to add the soy sauce. Really don’t spare 🙂 And then again let it on the pan for 5 mins and it will be accurate, because all the spices, vegetable juice and soy sauce will create an awesome sauce! And no silly potato starch!

I use to serve it with rice noodles, round rice, couscous or just a slice of bread are good also.

Tip: Use the rest of vegetable water for cooking the noodles or rice. It will have a great vegetable flavor 😉


5 min recipe: Quick Endive salad with Beetroot


Because of my little hangover from weekend, yesterday I had very small fantasy. I was also so stupid, I forgot to grab a tofu and soy dresing from home in the morning. So there we go. Desperate salad ^^

1 pack of those already washed and packed salad mix (I chose Endive,Lettuce and Beetroot, because of no bitter taste).
1 big tomato
1/2 of cucumber
1 pc of wholegrain pastry you like
On the top: black pepper, 2 tsp of ketchup, vinegar

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5 min recipe: VeganBurger and Nachos

I have read this article and it kinda made me sad. I work in office and I have a 30 mins break for lunch. The nearest vegan restaurant is 20 mins away. Actually any nearest restaurant is 20 mins far away.
Maybe you have the same problem. Maybe you are just lazy to cook huge portions for 2 or 3 days like me. Or you have been for dinner outside and haven’t buy anything for next day. Or you are just superbusy at work and you have time to go just to the grocery to buy something quickly.

Something disgusting like this or this..
Sad-Lunches-13 Sad-Lunches-04

You know what? You don’t really have to eat this! Before I became vegan, I had exactly the same silly ideas. Sausages in microwave, chinese instant soups all the time, or instant noodles ala <enter your favorite flavour>.. And then my stomach did hurt, I had no energy and I was getting fat.
But I can tell you something. It’s easy to prepare something at your company kitchen.
All you need to have still there are: salt, pepper, microwave, good quality ketchup & a common mustard, vinegar, your favorite (soy) butter and bit of water to wash the food.

The ingredients for your tasty lunch you can buy on your way to work in the morning or during your lunch break.

Let’s start with the 5 min recipe: VeganBurger and Nachos
1 pc of smaller wholemeal baguette or whatever kind of pastry you like
1 smaller tomato
1/2 of tofu block
piece of cucumber
1 spoon of mustard
1 spoon of ketchup
1 pack of your favorite nachos (for lunch I use like 1 smaller cup, but you can share the rest with your colleagues – they will like you 🙂 )

5 min process:
If you bought a whole tofu, slice it in the half. Add bit of salt and pepper and warm it for 1 min in the microwave. Meanwhile cut the pastry in the half. One half spread with mustard, the other half spread with ketchup. Slice tomato and cucumber and add the slices on the halfs. Between put the half of tofu. Rest of the tomato and few slices of cucumber use as a pretty decoration for your plate. Add a bit of nachos as a side dish – instead of fries or potatoes. Voila. In 5 mins you created a lunch worthy of kings.
Enjoy! ~