Great Dinner

This was start of our vacation – vegan dinner in a Lebanese restaurant. Awesome food! And the strong cold tea – :9


All the awesome food! Hommos, falafel, vine leaves with rice..

Me staring into the menu :)

Me staring into the menu 🙂





Cat Problems

wpid-image-aa2cb45b85d8c4fa142e7748df198f2f9c9b889361bda7eabe61a67fdcd749ea-v.jpg3 broken bones, but she is brave and an obedient patient ❀

Agnes parodies the Artax


During our vacation i went to visit my grandma for 2 days and my wifey and Agnes went to a local pond for a little walk.

It doesn’t matter that Agnes normally looks as a Falco. She wanted to be a famous horse. My wife told me she went to the end of the small catwalk and in next second she was in the mud. And immediatelly started to immerse not able to help herself. My wifey had to go on her four to help her back again to the catwalk.
She sent me msg they had a lil problem. Then picure of Agnes with a description: “Do you remember Artax dying in Swamps? That’s what happened.” 😀


Czech Bike Sharing

bike-sharing.jpgI really really love the czech bikesharing project and I enjoy riding the pink oldschool bikes a lot! 🙂

To czech readers: for more information visit


One Of The Reasons Why..

…I am a lesbian. Summer & male & socks & sandals!

7 Tips What To Do With Your Doggie In Summer

IMG_20140705_195257Some people may think that dog can be a barrier for you to have a fun in summer! I have heard a silly stories about dogs, which had to stay at home almost all the time when their owner wanted to have some fun. Rubbish. You can always invent, how to have a fun together with your dog! Let me to inspire you with a few summer tips! Continue reading

A Doorbell Holocaust

wpid-image-c42fd6c9728780d4e9ae7bdc6042ab77a2c476e3e8698eea98f2acea8e89bf27-v.jpgI don’t like two types of people. Stupid and intolerant. Continue reading