About the 5 min recipes (from the office)

This post inspired me to share my vegan 5 min recipes created in my office. Don’t worry about vegan recipes – you can just simply change the vegan sauces or ingredients for whatever you like!

Get inspired and you will not eat a bad food anymore. And you will enjoy your meal. Even there is no vegan or whatever-good restaurant or you have been lazy to cook yesterday or you have been with your love at restaurant and had a great dinner so no leftovers for you today. You don’t have to starve. And you don’t have to get sick from wrong food like this.


I will tell you something. It’s easy to prepare something at your company kitchen.
All you need to have still there are: salt, pepper, microwave, good quality ketchup & a common mustard, vinegar, your favorite (soy) butter and bit of water to wash the food.

The ingredients for your tasty lunch you can buy on your way to work in the morning or during your lunch break. Check out the category ‘5 min recipes‘ and get some inspiration for your lunch ^^



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