5 min recipe: Easy Cous Cous salad

Oh yea, here we go. Summer and eating outside, plus laziness to cook something at 10 pm, when you come back home 🙂wpid-img_20150804_123236.jpg

I suppose you know this as well. And you don’t want to starve at work. Am I right?

So what do we need here?

¹/3 cup of Cous Cous

2 small or one mid tomato

¼ cup of cucumber

¼ of red/green/yellow/orange bell pepper (I used red, because it tastes sweeter to me)

2 tbsp of vinegar. It can be apple vinegar or red/white wine vinegar. All tastes great there.

1 tsp of lemon juice (fresh or in a bottle)

bit of salt & pepper

5 min process:

Boil water in the electric kettle. Throw the cous cous into a bowl or a deep plate. Meanwhile chop the vegetables. When water is boiled, add into the water yet bit of cold water. The water shouldn’t have 100°C (212°F) when you will be pouring it over the cous cous. You can add one tsp of olive oil, if you have it or salt right now. Then let it rest for 5 mins. After 5 mins, stir the cous cous a bit, so it’s not one piece 🙂 Throw on it the chopped vegetables, add vinegar, lemon juice, salt & pepper and it’s done!

P.S.: I ate it with dark pastry and tofu spread, you can do the same or add a tofu into the salad.

P.S.S.: It better tastes with bulgur, but the preparation takes more than 5 minutes.



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