Yes yes.. Yesterday it was 1 year we started to be vegans. I can tell, that we started to eat, live and think like vegans. Vegans.. You can use any word. The meaning is still the same. For us.

What else happened during the year..

We haven’t been missing the taste of eggs and bacon as many of you probably think and tell me as a reason why you are not vegans. We didn’t even miss any proteins from meat, because we have got them from vegetables. We have got a beautiful dog, as you probably seen. Being vegan really changed our hearts and characters. We think about things different and we are happy as we are 🙂

Plus I have lost about 13 kilograms (about 28 pounds) during the year only by eating and noming and chewing 😀

Our dinner and lunch menu is more varied.

We discovered many new tastes. And we keep discovering 🙂

I haven’t been sick even once!

I walk around McDonald’s without a taste for a BigMac. Instead of that, I point my nose to the sky and say: “Phew!”

I am really more happy person. And I am sure it wasn’t only one year, but first. Of the next tens.


2 thoughts on “1st YEAR VEGAN

    • Totally 😉 I could continue with more stuff.. I started to be more creative manually, I finally ventured to publish my stories online.. It’s like.. after long time I finally found how to work with myself and the world around. I stopped to survive.


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