7 Tips What To Do With Your Doggie In Summer

IMG_20140705_195257Some people may think that dog can be a barrier for you to have a fun in summer! I have heard a silly stories about dogs, which had to stay at home almost all the time when their owner wanted to have some fun. Rubbish. You can always invent, how to have a fun together with your dog! Let me to inspire you with a few summer tips!

1. A Summer Cinemasummer_cinema

If you know, louder sounds are not stressing for your dog, you can take your furry luv into the summer cinema and have a good time together under the sky.

2. Mushing with Scooter

Mushing with Scooter is an awesome sport! It works like a dog sledding. Actually the dog should drag the scooter, but I love the idea, that the dog will just run in front of your scooter. Like this, you can ride with your dog on the dirt roads, down from the hill, a quay or a safe bicycle path.


Image Credit: denik.cz

Right now we are in a process of having fun running next to the scooter 😀 Agnes finds it pretty funny!
dog_scooter.jpg3. Feeding Urban Ducks and Swans

This one is a kind of the ‘relaxing fun’. Take your doggie to the park or close to the river. Grab some nommy feeding for ducks & swans and watch the dog’s excitement.


4. Paddleboard with Dog

One of the ‘wet sports’ we must try. Buying paddleboard is an expensive thing, but we must try it in a paddleboard rental. Totally on my to-do list. It works in a lake or river (not strong one) too ^^

5. Longboarding with a Dog

If you love adrenaline enough, you can try longboarding with your dog. I promise, once we will master the dog commands and scooter, I will try my Earthwing Supermodel longboard with Agnes 🙂 I am sure, they will get perfectly together!

Image Credit: Silverfish longboarding

Image Credit: Silverfish longboarding

6. Tourism

Just walking in the forest or climbing to a small rock can be pretty funny. Dogs love to overcome the barriers and they enjoy the ‘top of the world’ as you do 🙂
wpid-img_20140713_144130.jpg7. Car Roaming

The fresh air in your fur!


Bon Voyage!



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