The McDonald’s Sperm Bank


Pic Credit: PETA

Maybe you have noticed an article about a semen in a mayo from McDonald’s from 26th May.

Few hours after, the ugly clown made his move at hoax-slayer and called it a hoax.

But let me talk to the crowds..

After I’ve finished high-school, I had no professional experience. My first job was in McDonald’s. I am not proud of it, but I had to pay a rent and the social support from the country was something, you could laugh at.

Bad news for the people who eat at McDonald’s: IT’S HAPPENING!

I have worked there only for a week, because after what I’ve seen there, rather I was 1 week unemployed.

Don’t order specialities

Burger without onions? Extra tomatoes? Forget it! If the employee has to make ‘a special’ for you, you will pay a high tax. Dirts from the nose, spits and more.. I wouldn’t tell, If i haven’t see it at my own blue eyes. Especially If you come drunk to the non-stop restaurant and make a mess.

You have to understand and forgive

The thought I have to tell you is – You must forgive to them. I know this doesn’t even sound vegan. But the people who work in McDonald’s are unhappy. Most of them have finished primary school only, they’re without experience, maybe coming through some personal or a relationship crysis. Or they did something wrong in their life and now they are paying for it and trying to find a right direction again. They are even not mad at you. They’re mad at themselves, at their EXs, at their managers, at the company. They earn terribly low money, sweating all day in the kitchen. All they have is one 20 min break for lunch or snack. They can’t go to pee or take a break anytime they like. The customers can’t even see them to drink (dam* bul*sh*t !), they have to drink secretly. If you are working in McDonald’s, you have 50% discount for the McDonald’s meal, but they are overfed with it and they don’t like it anymore after some time. The work is very stressful, because someone is yelling at you, you have to yell at someone.. After 8 hours ‘CLICK’, someone wakes you up from that nightmare and you go home completely exhausted. Mix it all together and imagine how much ‘a special’ will bother you..

I just wanted to let you know, WHAT is happening there and WHY it’s happening. You can’t be mad at the people working in the restaurant, because their life sucks at this moment. Wish them a better life and try to eat at a restaurant, where the service will be happy, food will be healthier and you will enjoy a great atmosphere. No ‘ili’ pretending.


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