5 Tips How To Be Environmentally Friendly At Work


Here are few methods we use in the e-shop.


..if you have to pack something in the box.
Don’t use more protecting stuff, than is necessary. If you are creating huge parcels, it means more cars on the road and that means more pollutions in the air.

2. Think about the things more BEFORE YOU ACT

Here is the example from my job:
I work in company, which except the other stuff, is also selling a sitting bags / beanbags. The best way how we work with these large things is this. We order the EMPTY beanbags from Belgium and transport them directly to the domestic manufacturer of the fillings. Yes, the customers are sometimes complaining. Why they have to wait 1 day more than usual for a delivery and why they can’t see all the beanbags at one place. The math is easy. Some normal Ford Transit has 6 cubic meters of free space in the back. There we could place about 12 of these already filled beanbags. If we would like to transport in the same car the empty beanbags, we could carry 1.200 pcs (!). So.. If we would be selling them already filled, we would destroy our oxygen 100 times more than like we do now. And plus to everyone – it’s much more cheaper like this.

3. Reuse the  protective fillings you have got from your supplier

fillingsBubble wrap, polystyrene, flo-pak, paper.. If you know, you will use it later, keep it somewhere in your warehouse and use them for something to pack into. You can also keep the carboard boxes, shrink-wrap. Everything you can use. a) you don’t have to buy it. b) If you don’t buy it, you don’t support the next production of it.


4. Reuse your own trash

It may sound weird. But here is an example. My boss drinks 2 L bottle of Coca-Cola Zero (say hello to carcinogens in EU) for 2 days.  When she is done with her portion of carcinogenic substances, I keep the empty bottles. I use them as a protection for 5 L beer glass jars, we sell. Those are very fragile and expensive and need a lot of material to protect it. Of course use just enough quantity (no air transport). This is a bit risky, because you can’t be 100% sure, the person who will recieve the parcel, will recycle the PET bottles, but 90% of the population in our country do recycle, also I am in a good trust.
With this method, I haven’t to walk to the recycle bins with the waste for 4 months. If the customers will complain why you send them the trash, please explain to them. Let them to be smart with you 🙂

5. Prefer to pick UP the small quantity goods personally in the Store

a) costs less than transport to your office
b) no extra waste
c) no pollutions

Just pick them up on your way to work and have a nice walk 🙂 Of course, for the heavy things use the transport.

Thank you for the attention to this post.



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