5 min recipe: Quick Endive salad with Beetroot


Because of my little hangover from weekend, yesterday I had very small fantasy. I was also so stupid, I forgot to grab a tofu and soy dresing from home in the morning. So there we go. Desperate salad ^^

1 pack of those already washed and packed salad mix (I chose Endive,Lettuce and Beetroot, because of no bitter taste).
1 big tomato
1/2 of cucumber
1 pc of wholegrain pastry you like
On the top: black pepper, 2 tsp of ketchup, vinegar

Just put the salad mix on the plate and chop the cucumber and tomato and add on the top the pepper, ketchup (or dressing) and vinegar. Cover the pastry with bit of butter.

Because my stomach was protesting since the morning, I decided to use no salt and it was perfect. And I also decided to eat just a half of the pastry for lunch. Don’t do it. I starved very quickly after it. Eat the whole pastry or add one more tomato.
The salad is delicious and superlight. You will like it.
P.S.: This recipe actually takes only 3 mins to prepare.



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